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Don’t View Temporary Employment as a Dead End or Last Resort

The guest on my Internet radio show this week was Steve Gallison, Director of the Maryland Professional Outplacement Assistance Center. Our topic was temporary staffing as an employment option. Steve quoted a recent statistic from Bloomberg News that several large national staffing companies have had five consecutive quarters of record earnings. This indicates many companies have needs but don’t  yet feel confident enough to add permanent staff. Recent history shows that similar increases in temporary work are followed by similar increases in job gains, so hopefully this trend continues.

Many job seekers do not consider temporary agencies, holding outdated beliefs that most deal with clerical or manual labor type work. They also fear that an agency will send them to different employers every few days, and while earning some income, it may infringe on their availability to interview for permanent positions. What they should realize is that many staffing agencies are using the current labor market to market temp-to-perm arrangements with companies. It’s a win-win proposal as both the candidate and employer get a 60, 90 or 120 day trial to see how the arrangement works out. If all candidate performs well or just demonstrates that their talents are too strong to pass up, permanent offers are made.

In addition, temporary agencies support most employment fields nowadays. You can find directories of staffing agencies in most business directories that will break down what areas each specialize in. Contact some that serve employers in your field and offer your services as most will welcome the chance to market skilled professionals to their clients. Plus when you perform successfully in any role for a recruiter or staffing agency, you become a “friend for life” to the agency. You’d be amazed how such a relationship can help you navigate any future bumps you may hit down the road of your career.