We’ve just passed Memorial Day, 2010. I want to focus my next two posts on two common issues that often come up in job searches during the summer months. First is a pervasive myth I’ve seen affect many job seekers throughout my years in career services. The myth: Nobody Hires in the Summer. Before you buy into this theory, or even the concept that hiring slows down during the summer, consider the following:

  • According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics hiring data, no significant changes have occurred in hiring rates during summer months in any of the past ten years.
  • July 1 begins new fiscal years for many companies, agencies or governments. Any new positions budgeted for the new fiscal year will now come open.
  • The most common times employees select for voluntary resignations and retirements are the summer and end of calendar year. Thus the potential for more openings increases.
  • When any of the program’s I’ve worked at throughout my career have tracked monthly hiring or placement activity, summer months have ended up among the highest.

The hiring process may take longer, as coordinating interviews around vacations  extends time frames. However, any job seeker that switches into cruise control believing little hiring gets done in July and August will miss out on many opportunities.


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