Make the Most Efficient Use of Your Search Time

Once a candidate begins his or her job search, she typically heads to the vast array of internet job boards and advertised openings. Once on the web, they find that more than 100,000 employment sites exist today and the number continues to grow. Registering, perusing the mass amount of listings, and then finally applying soon becomes extremely time consuming. A majority of job candidates I see indicate they spend as much a two-thirds (67%) of their search time navigating the web.

When appropriating their job search time, a job seeker needs to bear in mind two factors. First, the majority of data still indicates that less than 30% of jobs are filled via the internet.(, Career XRoads Survey). Second, the explosion of internet job boards has not eliminated the “hidden job market.” The vast majority of openings-estimated at up to 80%- are never advertised. How much sense does it make to spend more than 60% of your time on a venue where your likelihood of success maxes out at 30%? Plus, you only gain exposure to 20% of the opportunities.

With the data still consistently supporting that networking fills over half of all job openings, doesn’t it makes sense to spend the majority of your search time networking with colleagues, friends, family etc. to find more opportunities? Why are you apprehensive to network? You need to ask yourself what holds you back from doing more networking. Share your thoughts, you would be surprise how many people struggle with networking. Look here for more posts on how to better manage your job search through networking.


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