Are You Overlooking These Sources for Job Leads?

An Information Technology professional recently approached me with a situation that puzzled her. While having work done on her car, her mechanic of many years advised her of additional recommended repair work needed. She told him she couldn’t get the extra work done at present since she had recently lost her job. He expressed his condolences to her, then asked if she wanted to leave a copy of her résumé with him. Since her field is IT, she wasn’t sure how her mechanic having her résumé could help her job search. What did he know about IT?

 Well the mechanic may not know a thing about IT, but I told her that should not deter her from giving him her résumé, provided she trusts him with her contact information. The mechanic offers a job seeker a great potential resource; a wide variety of contacts. Maybe one of the cars he regularly services belongs to a Chief Technology Officer that would love to see her résumé. The mechanic could be her link to him.

 Many job seekers overlook people they regularly deal with that offer the same potential as this mechanic. Think of anyone that provides you a service and has countless other customers from a wide variety of backgrounds. Someone they know might be just the right contact for you to meet. However, you will never find out unless you ask. And many of these people are folks we might not naturally think to ask.

 Who could some of these people be? Well, since it’s tax season, you can start with your tax professional. Along similar lines, your financial planner or banker fit the same mold. Branching out further, think about the diversity of people in your place of worship. Your link to them could be the pastor or rabbi. What about a personal trainer, cosmetologist, physician or other health care professional? The possibilities are endless. 

I realize many will read this and think they would never discuss something as personal as a job search with most of these people. However, one or two of these might be people you never thought of asking, but now realize they would be more than happy to help. You just hadn’t thought of them as a possible source of contacts or introductions. This gives you more possible contact leads than you had before.


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